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Fuel Equipment Compliant?

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One constant issue for the fuel industry is the ability to deliver fuel to the consumer in an efficient and accurate measure. Fuel equipment, fuel transportation systems and fuel delivery systems must continually be monitored, tested, repaired and retested again to comply with weights and measure legislation. This is very apparent for the professionals involved within the fuel industry but to the average consumer at the pump how do they know that the 10 litres of diesel they put into there tank has delivered what they are paying for.

Imagine the scenario in these tough economic times if a consumer on the forecourt feels that they have been short changed by a pump. The owner's business is the first point of complaint, and customer dissatisfaction can resonate far and wide impacting on the forecourts reputation and business.

Now technology has once again supplied a solution to empower the consumer through the supply of information.

A scheme being pilot tested in Texas, USA enables the entire maintenance history of each individual pump to be viewed online by the consumer through the use of QR codes, GPS tracking and linking to a mobile interactive website. It enables the consumer to file a complaint on the individual pump, the fuel or the forecourt. Whilst still a pilot scheme results will be monitor for interaction and feedback.




I love technology.





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