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3G - Outdoor Security Camera

  • 3G Ridgetec Summit Outdoor Security Camera Package
  • 3G Ridgetec Summit Outdoor Security Camera
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  • 3G Ridgetec Summit Outdoor Security Camera - Messaging
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$605.00 (inc GST) $550.00 (exc GST)
RidgeTec Summit 4G
3.00 KGS
$20.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

$605.00 (inc GST) $550.00 (exc GST)">

3G Image Transfer From Outdoor Security Camera Direct To Your Phone

The 3G RidgeTec Summit 4 is one of the best and toughest security cameras on the market to which can transfer images direct to the user. It is a purpose built, set and forget outdoor security camera that was designed for checking remote watering points (troughs, tanks etc) to ensure that stock have water, animal or vermin monitoring and in our case monitoring fuel storage tanks to protect against fuel theft.

Do You Want Security Images Sent Instantly To Your 3G Phone?

The RidgeTec Summit 4 is built to use on the Australian Telstra 3G network (uses both 850mHz and 2100mHz - all the Telstra 3G network). It can send images instantly to your mobile phone via MMS or to an email address (on your phone or computer) when it detects movement.

It is the perfect security camera in commercial buildings, outdoors in industrial yards, farm fuel bowsers or fuel storage tanks, job sites, and at home inside or in the yard. No matter where you are, so long as the camera and your phone have mobile reception the image is transmitted in less than 1 min (usually about 25 sec).

Complete 3G Camera Package includes: 3G Ridgetec Summit 4 Camera + 12 Lithium AA batteries + 16GB SD Card + Telstra network sim card (with credit on it).

  • Battery life is exceptional running for up to 12 months in stand-by on just a set of AA batteries.
  • 16GB card can store up to 15,000 images.
  • Can send images and video via the 3G network. Images can be sent via MMS or data/email. Video can only be sent via data/email.
  • Weatherproof
  • They have a duty time function so they can be set to only operate at a certain time of day (e.g. in a workplace they are commonly set to only operate after hours).
  • They are a black flash infra-red camera so there is no visible infra-red lights like standard infra-red cameras have.
  • Image sending options : On/Off, Instant (MMS/data image when movement detected), Customised (sends images at nominated time of day – no movement required), Daily Report ( a text message detailing number of images taken), SNAP - send an image at request of user. Settings can also be changed remotely.
  • Time Stamp: Date, Time, Temperature & Moon Phase image stamp (Great in helping with court proceedings and evidence)
  • They are easy to install - no wiring installation is required. They can be wall mounted or placed hidden on shelves, even hidden outside in trees or logs (they are weatherproof).

Fuel, Farm and Equipment Security

These outdoor security cameras are especially good in preventing the theft of fuel or equipment in isolated locations, which generally occurs at night. They are widely used for security in sheds, on machinery or near fuel storage tanks and are perfect for monitoring without spooking the target.

The biggest benefits to using these cameras are:

    • Catching the criminals in action or as our customers put it, "Catching the buggers red handed".
    • High chance of a successful prosecution.
    • Restoring your peace of mind.
    • Enabling you to get back to work without costly time wasting distractions.
    • Because they use the mobile network and run on AA batteries even if power and telecommunications cables are cut before entering the premises they still operate - unlike other security systems.

The value on a potential theft will be far in excess the price of a security camera!

Fuel and equipment theft has been estimated at over $50million annually.

Organised crime gangs behind equipment theft

Set and forget.

Rather than looking over your shoulder


Don't take our word for it, read some of the testimonials below.



"We operate an earthmoving and quarrying business in northern NSW, with machinery including excavators, bulldozers, tippers, graders, loaders etc. After having 500 litres of diesel stolen out of one of these machines, we installed a motion camera. We have found the camera to be a huge success. We were able to have clear identification of some unauthorised intruders on to our work site. The length of the battery life is unbelieveable. We would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting added security on their work sites."

Peter & Kevin Maslen, Mallanganee, NSW - MASLEN CONTRACTORS PTY LTD

"We were suspicious fuel was going missing from our trucks parked on our property.  We purchased a Uway VH200HD camera and installed it near the fence.  Less than a week later two people were caught on camera climbing the fence with jerry cans in their possession.  One offender without a hoodie was clearly photographed and known to the police.  They were caught and charged with trespass.  The police commented that camera took very good quality photos."

Trudy McKeroy, Superior Seed Co., Deniliquin, NSW

Night Vision Security Camera

The RidgeTec Summit 4 3G camera has been specifically designed as a black flash camera so as to remove any red glow features that are normally found within infra-red cameras. No red glow means the camera can be placed closer to equipment without risking it being seen. In dark night situations our security cameras have an incredible advantage in that the chances of them being seen are more remote.



RidgeTec Summit 4 night vision mode - Excellent image quality with improved night time images. Colour during the day and B&W at night.

We have been very impressed with the image quality, sensitivity, and battery life of this camera in both day and nighttime applications. In more isolated locations we do recommend the solar attachment so as to ensure a constant supply of power to the unit.

3G RidgeTec Summit 4 Standard Features - (Black Flash Package)

  • Dimensions: 11cm x 17cm x 7cmguiu
  • Batteries : 12 AA batteries – lithium or NiMh rechargeables. Low power consumption, standby battery lifetime up to 12 months. Strong mobile coverage will give better battery life.
  • DC port: 9V – can have 240V inserted when used with the correct power accessories.
  • SD card: Standard SD card up to 32GB
  • Sim card: Standard sized sim card – made for Telstra band widths.
  • Aerial Port: Larger aerials can be attached if required
  • Viewing Screen: Built in 2.4 inch LCD viewing screen. Playback of images and video. Touchscreen buttons.
  • Menu: Easy to use on screen menu system.
  • Duty: 24 hour duty time scheduling – means camera does not need to be operating 24 hours a day if not required.
  • Image sending options : On/Off, Instant (MMS/data image when movement detected), Customised (sends images at nominated time of day – no movement required), Daily Report ( a text message detailing number of images taken), SNAP - send an image at request of user. Settings can also be changed remotely.
  • Time Stamp: Date, Time, Temperature & Moon Phase image stamp
  • Photo resolution: 8MP, 5MP, 3MP (programmable) -Colour daytime and black & white night time pictures
  • Photo burst: 1-3 photos per trigger (programmable)
  • Lens: FOV = 52 degrees
  • Video resolution: HD 1280 x 720 or 640 x 480 VGA with sound.
  • Video length: 5-60 sec
  • Infra-red Emitters: 60 No Glow Black Flash infrared LEDs
  • Multi-zone PIR detection range: up to 15 metres.
  • Sensitivity: High, Normal, and Low sensitivity settings.
  • Email: We recommend setting up a Gmail email account to send images from. This is free and quick to do.




What is better, video or image mode or can it switch automatically between the two? What is the best mode for capture, thieves in particular?

FES like to use video mode on fuel bowsers although photos are probably used most often. The camera needs to be manually switched between the 2 modes. With a solar panel I would recommend video mode.

Do they need a metal cover for protection or are they good to go as is? What is best camo or grey?

A security box is a good option. It can help disguise the cameras better in a fuel bowser situation making them look more like some sort of meter rather than a camera. They also do make it a lot harder for the camera to be opened or destroyed by a thief. Camera colour doesn’t matter too much.



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