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High Volume Rotary Vane Drum Pump

  • Alemlube 5060A High Volume Rotary Action Manual Drum Pump
$525.80 (inc GST) $478.00 (exc GST)
15.00 KGS
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$525.80 (inc GST) $478.00 (exc GST)">

High Volume Rotary Drum Pump.

The Alemlube 5060A is a manually operated drum pump. Pumping occurs through a high volume rotary drum pump that delivers up to 100 Litres per minute. It is designed for the refuelling of both on and off road vehicles and large machinery. The simple design of the this device allows easy servicing if required. The pump comes complete with delivery hose and includes a replaceable foot filter.

Oil gears beforw use.
(SAE 30 oil is recommended for this purpose).



Use: Diesel and low viscosity oils up to SAE 30
Discharge Volume: 1 litre per rotation / 100 litres per minute
Inlet/Outlet: Suction Tube: 32mm ID x 1m | Delivery Hose: 25mm ID x 2.2m long
Materials: Cast Aluminium, Buna N Seals





Operating instructions

1. Oil Gears Before Use
Before using the 5040/5060A high volume rotary refuelling pump, make sure that you fill the gear cover with oil. Fill with SAE 30 oil or equivalent to the reference line through the lubrication bolt hole (as indicated on the diagram). Inspect periodically.

2. Revolution Direction
The handle turns in a clockwise direction and the pump discharges one litre per one revolution of the handle.

3. Filter
A filter of #60 mesh polyethylene net is supplied as standard on the pump and is located at the bottom of the suction pipe. Rotating the handle and therefore operating the pump may become harder if the filter is clogged with impurities that may have been filtered out of the fuel or low viscosity oil. It is recommended that you remove the filter periodically and clean it with kerosene.

4. Cautions

  • Suitable liquids include most low viscosity liquids such as diesel, unleaded petrol, kerosene and low viscosity oils. Although the pump can be used to pump other liquids of high viscosity, the pump becomes harder to operate and doing so will shorten the life of the pump & may void the warranty. 
  • Do not use this pump for any solvent or chemical transfer as these liquids will dissolve the Buna N seals and gaskets, etc. (Use the 301-A, 401-A, 733 or 933 for solvents).
  • Please note when pumping fuels like kerosene, petrol or diesel, these products tend to “dry out” the internals of the pump causing parts “to stick” and the pump not to prime and dispense. To stop this from happening and to increase the working life of your pump, we recommend that you lubricate the gears of the pump by dropping a few drops of oil into the pump body by taking off suction pipe (2000-42) & lubricating at this opening. After undertaking lubrication of the pump in such a manner, please rotate the handle a few times. 
  • Do not pump liquids containing dirt or particles such as waste oil. Strained liquids may block the filter, preventing discharge, which can damage the pump interior or cause other problems.

Trouble Shooting

Trouble Remedy
Handle fails to turn Gears broken Return for repair. Dirt, etc clogging up the pump - Overhaul & clean. 
Not Priming / Pumping Impeller dry lubricate at down tube / body point, turn handle a few times. 

Handle is hard to turn Dirt, clogging up the pump

Overhaul & clean. Filter blocked - Clean the filter 

Handle turns but no dischargeGears brokenShaft or pin broken

Return for repair

Warranty Information

Your Alemlube product is warranted to the original user against defects in workmanship or materials under normal use for a period of twenty four months* after purchase date. Any products which is determined to be defective in material and workmanship and returned to Alemlube P/L, shipping costs prepaid, will be repaired or replaced at Alemlube’s option.
This warranty also covers parts that are subject to wear such as O rings, packings, seals, springs, electronic and even electrical components.
The warranty does not cover damage or failure which in the judgement od Alemlube arises from misuse, abrasion, corrosion, negligence, accidental damage, faulty installation or tampering. If Alemlube inspection discloses no defect in material or workmanship, repair or replacement and return will be made at customary charges.

*Applies to the vast majority of Alemlube products.

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