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Large Oil Absorbent Pads

  • bundle of oil absorbent pads
$165.00 (inc GST) $150.00 (exc GST)
8.00 KGS
Freight charges dependent on destination & quoted after receipt of order. We will source most competitive freight charges for you. Item freight costs to be paid by customer prior to dispatch.

$165.00 (inc GST) $150.00 (exc GST)">

Oil Aborsorbant Pads or Mats

Our oil aborsorbant pads or mats however you choose to refer to them will do the job in a time of need. Each bundle has the ability to absorb up to 300 litres of liquid. That is serious sucking power.

Each pad has a dimpled perforation which aids in the repelling (hydrophobic) ability of the pads when in contact with water. As such they are especially useful in marine environments where the need is to absorb hydrocarbons only is required. Ideally suited for indoor and outdoor applications.

Oil Aborsorbant Pads Product Demonstration


Pad Specification

  • Sheets size - 40cm x 50cm x 5-5.5mm thick.
  • Packaged as bundle of 100 sheets.
  • 300 litre absorption capacity per bundle.

Oil Spill Pad Features

  • Designed to absorbs all hydrocarbons such as oil, gasoline, fuel oil, diesel and lubricating oils.
  • White finish by design enables visual reconition of oil absorption properties.
  • Will not deteriorate, disintegrate or sink on water.
  • Pads will retain their shape even when completely saturated.
  • Light weight, dimpled and perferated for ease of single use.
  • Strong and lint-free.


Video Transcript

The next product we have listed on our webpage today is oil spill absorbent pads. These are a perforated oil pad, measuring in 40 cm x 50 cm x 5.5 mm thick. They are a hydrophobic pad, which are designed to repel water, but, in the same instance, they are designed to absorb all types of hydrocarbons.

What I'm going to do today is run you through a sample on how these pads work. We have a sample jar of diesel, and we also have a tank here of water, which is about 25 mm thick. What we are going to do is put some diesel into this water. As you can see, as we have put the diesel into the water, you can see the discolouration in the water, and the diesel has come to the top of the water.

We grab our oil absorbent pad. As previously explained, they are hydrophobic, and they will repel water and absorb hydrocarbons. So what you do is float the oil absorbent pad on the top of the actual water, and you can see it absorbing the diesel as you move it around. You can see the discolouration in the pad as it is working. So the sample of diesel that was introduced in to the test tank of water has now been consumed by the oil absorbent pad, and you can see the discolouration within the pad.

For disposal of these pads, please contact your local council.

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