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Petrol Station Private Moments

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Go for it, let your yourself go.

We spend a fair amount of time at the petrol pump and some days you can just let go in the moment. Why not? 

We openly endorse the free movement of expression. 

Dance like no-one is watching, and if they are, who cares.

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Diesel Bugs & Water - A Common Enemy

What is a Diesel Bug? A diesel bug is a common term for a myriad of microscopic organisms that grow in the fuel-water interface present in any static bodies of diesel - particularly fuel tanks. From yeasts, to fungi and algae, these bugs share a few typical features. They require water and warmth for growth. A fast reproductive [...]

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5 Things Not To Do When Refuelling. Danger : Flammable Liquids!

Refuelling and stupidity are a volatile combination. Safety when handling fuel products is one of our biggest priorities, but not everyone gets it! Warning signs seem to be everywhere - from servos, bowsers to vehicles themselves. It almost seems to be common sense, and it is easy to take our knowledge of fuel safety for granted. However, things [...]

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Fuel Theft: A victimless crime that is crippling small business

The Victorian Government’s  parliamentary inquiry into fuel theft at service stations comes as record numbers of drive-offs plague operators around Australia. Police Minister Wade Noonan announced the move this month as the Australian Association of Convenience Stores released its 2015 State of the Industry report showing petrol theft was up 6.8 per cent nationally for the 2014 [...]

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Highly Engaging, High Octane Copywriter Required

Are you an experienced copywriter or journalist looking for freelance work?Fuel Equipment Specialists is seeking the services of an individual to help us take talk, whispers and speculation from within the fuel and mining industries and put in down on paper, well e-paper for that matter. Our team are great on experience and viewpoints but [...]

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FES TANKS is Officially Launched

It is with great pride and excitement that we can officially announce the launch of a new division with Fuel Equipment Specialists.Fuel Equipment Specialists Tanks or FES TANKS has been establish purely to address the growing demand that we have found for the supply of specialist self bunded storage tanks. These tanks come in a variety [...]

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My Big Fat Greek Petrol Station Wedding

Greek Wedding Celebrations in a Petrol Station Greece and now Cyprus is yet another country feeling the weight of the Europeon financial crisis. Whatever the outcome, which inevitable will be settled at the highest levels of government, the average person on the street continues to cope with everyday life as best they can. Life goes on. It [...]

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Fuel Equipment Compliant?

One constant issue for the fuel industry is the ability to deliver fuel to the consumer in an efficient and accurate measure. Fuel equipment, fuel transportation systems and fuel delivery systems must continually be monitored, tested, repaired and retested again to comply with weights and measure legislation. This is very apparent for the professionals involved [...]

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Only in Australia will you see this.

Mustering time at Helen Springs StationThese are interesting statisticsThere are 17 trucks with 3 trailers and 2 decks per trailer; Therefore there are 102 decks of cattle and there would be approximately 28 cattle per deck; This totals 2,856 head of cattle.The cattle will weigh approximately 500kg each. That is 1400 tonne of prime beef [...]

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