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Diesel Biocide

Diesel fuel is prone to contamination by microbes or as they are known in the trade 'bugs'. These bugs are microscopic fungi (microorganisms) that are naturally occurring in the air, soil and water around us. They enter fuel tanks within air and moisture - and are almost impossible to keep out. Once within a tank environment they live off the diesel fuel, using it as a source for food. As they multiple and grow, the bugs form sludges, and slimes and act as a contaminant and impact on fuel quality.

As a solution to controlling these bugs, we have 2 products, each unique in their applications.

  • Diesel fuel biocide FT-400
    $335.00 Diesel Biocide FT-400
    Diesel Biocide FT-400 Fuel Treatment FT-400 (10 Litres) is ideal for big users of diesel because it is a "no-nonsense" product that works at very low dose rates. Which means that treating even millions of litres at a...
  • BC-250 Diesel Biocide fuel treatment - One Litre
    $65.00 Diesel Biocide BC-250
    Diesel Biocide BC-250, an everyday fuel treatment solution BC-250 (One litre) is more suited to the smaller operater with smaller fuel storage faciilities. Also great for Workshops and Service Centres as the product can be...

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