Self Bunded Tanks

Fuel Equipment Specialists through our FES TANKS brand is an Australian supplier who specialises in the bespoke manufacturing of self bunded tanks. Self bunded tanks or double walled containment tanks are storage tanks that have an inner primary tank cell for holding fuel and an outer secondary tank that acts as protective shell. This effectively makes them a double walled fuel tank.

This double walled containment system eliminates the need for complex civil and building works that has been traditionally associated with the safe storage and containment of fuel storage units. Our self bunded fuel tank system also offers flexibility in the sense that our fuel storage tanks are a ship and drop solution can be fully operational within a hours of a delivery.

All our self bunded fuel tanks are manufactured and quality checked by engineers and QA technicians ensuring the highest manufacturing standards. Once manufactured, all the tanks are certified by Australian Engineers in compliance with Australian Standards relating to safe storage of fuels and hydrocarbons.

Self Bunded Tank Features

Capacity range from 1,000 litres to 110,000 litres as standard and are suitable for a variety of hydrocarbon storage options, including petroleum, diesel, oil and chemicals. Multiple tank arrangements offer a variety of capacity options.

  • 350 micron paint finish as standard.
  • Highest paint specification on the market and ensures more product durability and a extended service life.
  • All tanks are skid mounted with multiple lifting options.
  • ISO container lifting lugs on the GRANDE tanks
  • Standard lifting points to 4 corners on BLOC range
  • Pallet lifting points for forklifts
  • Standard Mechanical Overfill, Anti Syphon valve
  • Fill point pipe work, valves and connections.
  • Venting for both tank and interstitial space.
  • Calibrated dipstick

Our range of tanks will offer your business the flexibilty and effeciencies it needs to turn a tidy profit. Give us a call today to discuss options and prices.

Self Bunded Tanks For Sale