Spill Kits

Spill kits within the modern day workplace are an essential piece of equipment required to conform to occupational health and safety laws as well as environmental regulations. Any business that deals with the daily handling and transfer of fuel, oil or chemicals should have spill kits in place with associated procedures on their usage in the event of a fluid spill or accident.

Spill kits work on two principles of spill containment and spill absorption. In the first instance all priority should be given to stop or reduce the spill at the source. If the ability exists, duel effort should be given to both reducing the flow of the spill at the source whilst implementing a process of containment to reduce the spread of a hazardous material. Once the flow of a hazardous material has been stopped and the spill has been contained, focus shifts to the absorption, removal and environmental disposable of the spill material.

So what exactly is a spill kit?

  • A kit containing protection, containment and absorption materials for cleaning spills of hazardous or potentially hazardous materials.
Spill kit contents are tailored to suit specific types of hazardous material spills in combination with environmental conditions. For the most part the key elements of a spill kit are:
  • Fluid specific absorbent pads
  • Spill containment booms
  • General purpose absorbent pads
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Contaminated waste bags & ties
  • Adhesive wall locator
  • Laminated instruction sheets
Fuel Equipment Specialists are in the process of listing a variety of spill kits and spill stations for oil spills and fuel spills. Please refer to the details below. All items will be available for delivery nationwide.

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