Water Finding Paste

Water Finding Paste and Shell Water Detector are water detection systems used to aid in the detection of water within fuel supplies. Water Finding Paste is normally used in the petroleum industry to monitor and detect moisture levels in various fuel types, while Shell Water Detector is mostly used in the aviation industry to detect the presence of water in aviation fuel.

80% of fuel contamination with water occurs from naturally present moisture levels from the atmosphere condensing within the fuel storage tanks. Other contributing factors towards this problem is the failure of fuel transfer or fuel storage equipment. That is bad seals within tank covers or holes in underground tanks where the tank is below the water table all allowing the gradual seepage of water into the fuel reserves.

Testing and recording of fuel supplies should be done regularly to ensure no presence or water. Water has a greater density than fuel so within any tank water will naturally gravitate to the bottom. This is why when performing any water contamination test you should apply Water Finding Paste to the bottom of the dipstick being used to test the tank. The Water Finding Paste serves two purposes when conducting the dipstick test, firstly it will detect the presence of water and secondly it can also determine to what volume of water is present in the tank from the level of reaction of the paste up the height of the dipstick. Water Finding Paste upon contact with water will turn from a natural brown to a bright red colour.

We currently stock the market leaders in Water Finding Paste. Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste and Gasoila Water Finding Paste.

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