Diesel Tanks

Fuel Equipment Specialists want to stock the best range of diesel storage tanks to suit a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Why diesel tanks? Did you know, today, about 75% of heavy-duty transportation energy requirements are met by diesel fuel. Diesel is the most favoured fuel for heavy-duty vehicles due to its widespread availability and the robust ability of diesel engine technology to handle heavy loads. The demand for diesel fuel is only going to increase as the growth in heavy-duty transportation increases. In Australia diesel fuel consumtion is on the increase with sales on diesel fuel increasing 15% from 2010 - 2014. Diesel is the energy source that is driving our nation and as such, it is diesel tanks that industry is demanding in order to meet the demand of business. 

We have a variety of fuel storage solutions for light commercial, rigid and articulated trucks, agricultural, rail and mining machinery. Totally flexible and totally focused towards your particular business requirements.

Diesel Storage Tank Solutions

Agricultural or small scale plant operators that require mobile fuel storage and refuelling solutions, we have an extensive range of portable polyethylene fuel tanks. These are particularly good for transporting and refuelling from a service vehicle or ute.

Of course for medium and heavy commercial operations bespoke solutions are required. Our complete range of steel self bunded tanks offer the perfect solution for large diesel fuel storage. Our tanks range from 1,000 litres to 110,000 litres capacity as standard and are durable, mobile, environmentally friendly and cost effective for permanent or tempoaray solutions.

If you should not find what you are looking for to suit your application please give us a call.