Smartfill Fluid Management System

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Smartfill GEN 3

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Smartfill Gen 3 - Fluid Management System

The Smartfill GEN 3 is Australia's most trusted and most reliable Fluid Management System. It features a user-friendly design in conjunction with cloud-based technology, no ongoing costs, and no PC software requirement making it the obvious choice for someone looking to manage their fuel use.

The Gen 3's new and improved design is known to deliver consistently accurate metering and management, whilst outlasting the fuel bowsers they work alongside.

The smart modular design allows the end user to build the Fluid Managment System that is most suited to their needs. Whether it's changing the power supply from 240v to 12v for use in another application, adding more pump controls to monitor multiple bowsers simultaneously, or upgrading your existing unit with a SmartDip tank gauge, the Smartfill Gen 3 is ready for use in any industry.

Smartfill makes life easy for accountants and financial controllers. Everything is automated. Your data is available online and reports take just a couple of clicks. it is incredibly easy to use and Smartfill Gen 3 can now manage up to 50,000 vehicles and drivers. You have multiple fuel authentication access technologies to choose from to suit your operations.

You can swipe, type or use nfc fobs to get access to the fuel. You can also use our automatic vehicle identification system SmartTag. The system has an unobtrusive nozzle transceiver which uses positional tracking technology to automatically link the fuel pump with the vehicle.

SmartTag is cost effective for rapid deployment across the entire fleet with easy to install RFID tags and the smart fill units themselves are proven in the field.

Now with a new 7-inch LCD screens designed to be easy to run in bright sunlight and enclosures made from automotive-grade glass-filled nylon making it extra durable and if you do happen to damage it, we make them really easy to work on. We can conduct a remote diagnosis and thanks to a smart modular design, no special skills are required. Just swap out the faulty module.

Smartfill leads the market for making fuel management easy.

Popular across all applications and industries, including:

• Mining & Transport
• Councils & Municipals 
• Service Vehicles/Fleets
• Marinas
• Civil Construction & Earthworks
• Transport

Features Include:

  • Data is recorded online, with no need for special software
  • Modular design allows for rapid installation and repair
  • Click-in and click-out design requires no special technical skills
  • Control up to 4 fuel/oil dispensers, all delivering simultaneously
  • Electronic control of up to 8 hoses on Gilbarco, Wayne, Compac, Tokheim and Tatsuno dispensers
  • Records fuel use for in excess of 50,000 vehicles
  • Records the past 20,000 fuel issues in memory
  • Uses secure RFID keys, and driver PIN to control access to fuel
  • Restrict fuel usage by volume per vehicle/driver and/or time
  • All data is stored securely in the unit and can be automatically uploaded to a secure website after each transaction
  • Multiple communication options available for uploading data to the website: WiFi, 3G/4G and Ethernet
  • Large, easy to read outdoors, colour 7” Blanview LCD display
  • Can be configured and is continuously monitored remotely via the website
  • The system can be used as a “preset” delivery system. This is ideal for lube trucks or workshop lube dispensing systems
  • Suits just about any fuel bowser or bulk flow-meter
  • Housed in a tough, custom made, weatherproof enclosure. for use in all weather conditions outdoors. Enclosure rating is IP66
  • Proven reliability around the world in extreme hot, cold, dusty, windy and salty environment
  • Extensive professional network of support
  • Optional interface to other tank gauging systems such as Veeder Root, OPW, Franklin Fuelling and ProGauge



Smartfill GEN 3 Fuel Management - Data Sheet

 *Optional tank gauging, and modular upgrades available upon request.