Tanklock Anti Theft Fuel Cap

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FSS 750 Sealed Cap
FSS 750 Sealed Cap
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Anti Theft Fuel Cap Locking Device.

Fuel theft within Australia is on the rise. Theft from stationary storage tanks and fuel drums is as easy as cracking the lid off the container and siphoning off the contents. Heavy machinery on isolated sites are also seeing more instances of reported fuel theft.

The Tanklock anti theft fuel cap changes everything. Suits storage tanks with fill points that are integrated into the tank itself with a 2" (50mm) male NPT thread. It is equally perfect for excavators, backhoes and other heavy machinery fuel tanks that may be left overnight on isolated sites.

Make no mistake, this is one of the best anti theft fuel caps around.

Refer to the options below for the best type of Tanklock fitting for you.

The Tanklock cap from spinsecure redines the principles of a lockable cap. When the TankLock is activated, it defies convention because the cap itself has the ability to free-spin.

Most locking devices are able to be broken because of the ability to apply torque & leverage to the mechanism. With the patented magnetic mechanism of the tanklock device and the free-spinning motion of the cap, it effectively offers no resistance points and thus no torque points for which to apply spanners, crow bars, jemmy bars, grips etc....



 NOTE: The tanlkock cap should be used on an integrated male spout or one of our male to male adapter fittings making it extremely difficult to remove.

Yes, as so many of you have pointed out, the cap can still be removed by removing the male adapter fitting in this video. This was for demontrastion purposes only. 

The tanklock is machined from a non-ferrous hard Zinc Alloy and has a weatherproof/'o'-ring sealed self closing cover at the locking mechanism. You are supplied with 2 keys that are unique to your Tanklock system. Multiple key configurations can be supplied upon request, although delivery on these units are longer given the bespoke nature of the order.

This system also has a Rubber gasket seal to prevent leaks as well as having an integrated safety thermal valve to cope with temperature fluctuations.

The system works by screwing on the Tanklock to a 2”male thread. The magnetic locking device can then be de-activated with the key supplied. This effectively enables the Tanklock system to free-spin and secures the contents of the storage tank. Activating the internal magnetic locking device with the key then enables you to remove the Tanklock ensuring access to the contents of the tank.

This is a self install system and requires no sealants or adhesive, no installation tools and no other additional locks. e.g. padlocks required.

The Tanklock-Spinsecure system is perfect for securing the contents on portable diesel tanks or small to medium self bunded storage tanks within the mining, farming or heavy machinery sector.


Sealed Cap (Petrol, Gasoline, Diesel and Oil Use)

For use on stationary storage tanks, skid tanks, auxiliary tanks and transfer tanks (anywhere a tank is located). The sealed cap can only be used on a mobile transfer or auxiliary tank if the tank has a vented system, that is a built in thermal relief system.

  • Supplied with 2 Keys

Vented Cap (Diesel Use Only)

For use on transfer or auxiliary tanks - Built in valves to equalize the pressure and vacuum

  • Pressure release valve opens at 1.5 PSI
  • Vacuum release opens at 1.5oz
  • Value pumps at 10+ US gallons per minute
  • Supplied with 2 Keys

Male to Male Adapter (2 way flush finish)

  • 2 x 2" NPT (National Pipe Thread) Ends